Tram 275

The last stop in St Kilda Road before Princes Bridge, where the Arts Centre is now, is the background for 275 a 1926 W2 Class tram. This batch was converted from W1 class in 1928 to 1933

Order V103300

Tram 375

W2 Class Tram 375 on Prince's Bridge near Flinder's Street Station.The destination City is no longer used, it was the corner of Swanston and La Trobe streets outside the Museum. Taken Nov 1964

Order V103301

W2 Class Tram 451 in St Kilda Road.

Order V103302

Order V103311

Tram 507 on Princes Bridge

One of the W2 Class which was built as a W2 Tram 507 on Prince's Bridge near Flinder's Street Station Nov 1964

Order V10303

Tram 528

W2 Class Tram 528 In Swanston Street near Collins Street

Order V13304

Tram 595

W2 Class Tram 595

Order V103305

Tram 643

W2 Class Tram 643 in Latrobe Street with the Shot Tower in the background.

Order V103306

Tram 648

W2 Class Tram in Swanston Street near Collins Street. Swanston Street was closed to normal traffic in the 1980's

Order V103307

Tram 825

W5 Class Built 1935-1939 Tram 825 in (I think) Victoria Street

Order V103308

Tram 929

W6 Class Tram 929 1947. These had sliding Doors and some are still inservice mainly on the free 'Talking Trams' city circle route.This one is still in use in the same livery as shown.

Order V103309

Tram 983

A W6 Class Tram thats still in use on the city circle service is 983. Originally in service 23rd July 1953

Order V103310