Ex London Transport RT of Supercoaches, Essex

Many of London Transports RT's were sold in the late 50's early 60's especially the early types This RT3 found a new home with Supercoaches in Essex

Osbournes ex LTE RT

Independant operators bought many ex London Transport RT's in the late 50's and early 1960's HLX222 (RT405) went to Osbournes & Sons of Tollesbury, Essex and was photographed on Sunday 4th March 1962 at their Tollsbury depot.

AAA756 Albion

AAA756 was owned by King Alfred of Winchester and is a Albion Victor PK114 with an Abbott C20c Body. Seen at a VPVS meeting in July 1962 and it is still being rallied.

BR7132 Leyland LT1

Leyland LT1 running on trade plates (real Reg was BR7132) also had a 35 seat body dates from 1929. Seen at a VPVS meeting in July 1962

Offside of BR7132

The offside of BR7132 Leyland LT1.Seen at a VPVS meeting in July 1962

NG1109 Reo

Many of these Reo Speedwagon had a very basic bus body fitted. NG1109 Dates from the mid 1920's

GS14 of LTE

The Guy Specials of London Transport were used in the country areas. GS14 MXX314 in the depot Hertford in 1962 just after a repaint

R.A.C.S. Bedford Duple

The Royal Arsenal Co-op Society had a few of these Bedford Duples. Seen here is KGT599 in 1961

KW1961 Leyland

This Leyland PLSC3 with a 35 seat body is from 1927. Seen at a VPVS meeting in July 1962 Belura Hill Road

Glasgow tram on route 29

Never made it to Glasgow until the trams were long gone. Acquired this rather poor slide in 1979 and its my only photo of U.K. trams in service

Leyland Lion HVT510

When Weeds Wood Estate was opened in 1953 the nearest shops were 2 miles away. In 1956 a local (Mr White) purchased this vehicle and used it as a shop. HVT510 was a LT7 with wheels from a Leyland Cub on the front end. It may have been a PMT vehicle at one stage. Any more information would be welcome.

 Standerwick VFR373

When the M1 Opened Standerwick (and Ribble) purchased a fleet of Leyland Atlanteans fitted with Coach bodies. Seen at Victoria Coach Station is VFR373 on 18 December 1962.