Nearside photograph of Burlingham Seagull C39F bodied Leyland Royal Tiger FJN212 at Basildon. Originally supplied to Wastcliffe-on-sea in 1952

FJN212 at Tilbury

133 FJN212 at Tilbury Ferry Terminal


No. 1274 JVW430 a Bristol K5G from 1944 with E.C.W. lowbridge body of a later date (1950?). This has been preserved and is in better conditon Now

KNO622 292

Bristol L5G with E.C.W. 35 seat 35 seat bus body

RHK123 332

A 1951 Bristol LL5G with 30ft E.C.W 39 seat bus body. 332 RHK123 at Basilden

MPU49 1118

Leyland PD1 1118 MPU49

Bristol LL5G with 30ft E.C.W bus body in Wood Green 12 Nov 1961

No 334 RHK131 A 1951 Bristol LL5G with 30ft E.C.W 39 seat bus body about to turn into Wood Green Depot 12 Nov 1961

MXB747 Eastern National

This is No 019 MXB747 a Bristol LL6G / ECW C35F at Basildon Eastern National Depot. New in 1952 to TILLING TRANSPORT of Chelmsford. Acquired by EASTERN NATIONAL in 1961 , numbered #019. Renumbered in 1964 to #208. Photo taken Sunday 12/11/1961 on a M&D and East Kent Bus Club Tour. Details courtesy of Chris Stanley.

Service Vehicles were un-numbered, this one is an almost new AEC Matador with ECW body from 1952 on Trade Plates in Chelmsford Depot 12 Nov 1961.

1136 FJN204 at Wood Green Depot

Leyland PD2/12 with a Leyland L53R body 1136 FJN204 at Wood Green Depot about to depart for Southend. New with Westcliffe-on-sea in 1952.

Bristol K6B NNO106 1315

Bristol K6G with ECW L55R body NNO106 1315 at the depot between runs. Originally supplied to Westcliffe-on-Sea in 1948.

Eastern National SEV814

SEV814 This Leyland PSU1/15 with a Thurgood 41 seat coach was new to Rose Brothers of Chelmsford in 1951. When Rose Brothers were purchased by Eastern National it was transferred to their fleet. It was photographed on 4th March 1962.