Maidstone and District DH451, a Bristol K5G with a Weymann 56 seat body

Maidstone and District DH451, a Bristol K5G from 1941 which was re-bodied with a Weymann 56 seat body in 1951, It was delivered to Chatham and District and spent most of it's life based at Luton Depot in Chatham. This was parked at the rear of Chatham Town Hall waiting for the afternoon school run and then the "Dockyard Rush".

M & D DH407

M & D Operated a fleet of Leyland PD2's from 1951 which had a Leyland 58 seat high bridge body. They were used on most of the 'long' routes such as 122 Gravesend to Brighton, 26 Gravesend to Faversham and 152 Tunbridge Wells to Hastings.

Here is DH407 NKT903 at Hasting Depot just in from a run on route 152

Maidstone and District DL8, a Bristol K6A with a Weymann 53 seat low bridge body

Maidstone and District DL8, a Bristol K6A from 1949 which was bodied with a Weymann 53 seat lowbridge body. They also had four other batches of K6A's with Highbridge bodies. Photographed at Maidstone's Mill Street Bus Station, this was the first bus station in Britain when opened in 1928.

Maidstone and District DH389 an all Leyland PD2 from 1951

Maidstone and District DH389 NKT885 one of a batch of all Leyland PD2's from 1951 which had rear doors fitted in 1959-1960.

Skinner's EDY192

M&D took over Skinner's in August 1953 but kept the name and vehicles here is CO121 EDY192 a AEC Regal III new May 1950 with a Harrington 'fin' C33F body. It had been Skinner's No.35.

Open Top Leyland OT6

With many seaside towns being serviced by M & D they had a small fleet of open top vehicles. OT6 FKO230 was a Leyland TD5 with a Weymann 48 seat body from 1939. This was based in Sheerness for the 1962 summer. All these vehicles were delicenced for the off season so they did a low milage compared with normal double deck buses.

AEC Reliance OMO XKT988

M & D's first AEC Reliance with a Weymann 42 seat body delivered in 1956. SO211 XKT988 shown on Route 30 to Hastings. They became a major user of AEC Reliances for the next 20 years.

DH378 GKN300

Daimler CV5G GKN300 started life as DL1 in 1943 with a wartime lowbridge utility body. It was rebodied in 1951 with a Weymann Highbridge 56seat body, renumbered DH378 and was photographed on 26th June 1961 at Maidstone.

Leyland TS7 CO554

A batch of Leyland TS7's from 1936-7 were rebodied by Harrington in 1949/50 This is DKT12 CO554, notice the full half cab front. Other vehicles (including DKT16 CO558 which has been preserved) had half cab with full width roof and were used to carry rowing shells and oars for local rowing clubs. Photographed not long before it was sold in 1962.

Photo of preserved 558LKP at chatham Dockyard June 2009

Photo of preserved 558LKP at Chatham Dockyard June 2009. One of a batch of 1960/61 Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 Mark 2 with Metro-Cammell H44/33F bodyies. This one was later converted to OMO. I belive this was withdrawn in 1977 or 1978.

Leyland Royal Tiger with Harrington Bodywork from 1953

PKE272 (CO272) A Leyland Royal Tiger with Harrington 37 seat coach bodywork from 1953 had different body from others delivered in 1952 to 1954. Note the central entrance.

Leyland DKT40 Recovery Vehicle

DKT40 This Leyland TD5 with a Modified body was used as a recovery vehicle until mid 60's. It was photographed in March 1962.